Outsourcing your HR administration can offer multiple advantages, including increased productivity, improved focus and cost-efficiency.

With Sentient Pay, outsourcing your HR administration could not be easier. Covering various aspects of HR administration, we can help harmonise internal processes effectively whilst ensuring employees are managed in an efficient and professional manner.

We can help to de-risk your business and take away the headache of having to stay up to date with constantly changing employment, social security and taxation rules and regulations.

A cost effective alternative to having your own HR department, Sentient Pay gives you the freedom to focus on the more important parts of your business.


Preparation of employment contracts

Preparation and submission of employment forms for Employers and Employees to the Inland Revenue department and Jobplus

Maintenance of personnel files

Liaison with local authorities

Recording of annual leave and all other absences i.e. sickness, maternity leave etc.


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