Companies in resource intense industries like oil and gas often find the management of employees and contractors, spread across multiple sites and offices, to be an administrative headache; this can take up a lot of time without adding any real value to the day-to-day business objectives.

Payroll is a core process within any company and subsequently should be a straightforward process. However, it can very easily turn into an overcomplicated and seemingly endless task, especially in the natural resources industry.

At Sentient Pay, we can manage a number of HR matters on your behalf so that you can concentrate on the more important task at hand; running your business. We are able to provide you with real time reporting and data on staff, increasing visibility into the information that matters to your business.

We will look after:

  • training and safety recording
  • time tracking
  • holiday leave entitlements
  • contracts
  • letters of termination and extension
  • sick leave
  • bonuses calculations
  • reimbursement of expenses
  • payroll services


Sentient Pay also offer a ‘payment against invoice’ solution.

When you require contractors for short periods and employ expatriates that have bank accounts outside of your country of business, it can be difficult to make payments to them; we offer an effective solution.

We will hire the Expatriate under a contract of services from our head office and then second/outsource them to your project in the country of assignment. The Expatriate can then send us a monthly invoice/timesheet, of which a payment can be made against. Using this method means that there is no employment contract. We do not ensure tax compliance and therefore it is the responsibility of the Expatriate to declare their offshore income in their resident country. We are able to pay invoices from our head office in Malta to bank accounts all around the world.


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