The effective and efficient operation of any vessel relies heavily on its crew.

Engaging a professional services provider for your crew employment and payroll matters can therefore offer significant value – not only does it de-risk your business and reduce the administrative burden, it can take away the headache of having to stay up to date with constantly changing employment, social security and taxation rules and regulations.

Drawing on our experience and knowledge of the maritime industry, we offer bespoke crew employment and payroll services that are flexible, cost effective and more importantly, compliant.

We are able to offer assistance with all aspects of contractual administration. This includes:

  • preparation and issue of Seafarer Employment Agreements (for those employed on commercially registered vessels) and Contracts of Employment (for those employed on private yachts) both MLC and Flag State compliant;
  • holiday/ leave calculations;
  • crew salary amendments;
  • crew salary payments;
  • coordination of seafarer social security contributions;
  • termination and extension of employment;
  • facilitation of pension provision; and,
  • arrangement of healthcare benefit plans.

Our aim? To provide a complete end-to-end solution that meets all of your crew employment and payroll needs, that complements the way in which you wish to operate your vessel whilst remaining compliant at all times.


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