Aviation crew payroll can be complicated. As an employer you need to know and understand: Where is the individual employee resident? What are the tax and social security rules in the employee’s country of residence? What are the rules in the country within which your business has been established? What forms and documentation need to be issued? Who do you contact within the relevant countries? Are Crew Members up to date with their medicals and training, and are their licenses still valid? How much leave are they entitled to?… as well as many more questions.

Sentient Pay can relieve you of this administration headache, leaving you with just a couple of tasks: to fund the salaries upon receipt of a payroll funding request and to pay our administration fes – we will deal with the paperwork, the crew HR matters and the payment of social security contributions. We will also ensure that all reporting requirements, any tax returns etc. that are required are prepared and submitted on your behalf and on time.


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